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i. 25% Advance (Non Refundable) at the time of booking and balance 75% one day before the Event. If payment to be made by cheque have to be deposit at least 10 day before the event.

ii. The advance is Non refundable in case of cancellation for WHATSOEVER reasons.

iii.If the Customer cancels the Booking done 3 month prior, due to some reason and that time slot has been booked by some other client, Crystal Courtyard may find them eligible for a refund of 75% of the fee charged from the Customer for the same date. If there is no alternate booking, the full amount of booking will be forfeited.

iv. Alcoholic beverages and cigarettes are strictly prohibited in the premises. In case Liquor is to be served the Host/Guest is required to procure License from the Excise Department and must Purchase scanned Liquor bottles only from Approved Odisha State Liquor vendor and keep the original Computerized bill/cash Memo issued by the Department.

v. All Flower work, DJ, Balloon Work or any theme work will be arranged by the Host/Guest.

vi. Parking of Vehicles will be at Owners risk.

vii. AC Plant will be closed by 4.30 PM to 5.30PM in the afternoon & 11.30PM onwards. Additional amount Rs. 10,000.00 per hour will be charged for the services rendered after the said timing.

viii. Playing of Loud Music shall not be allowed after 10.00PM.

ix. Arms and Ammunitions are not allowed inside the Premises.

x. Any damages to chair/table/floor/equipment/facilities in will be assesses by management and the booking customer have to pay such cost of damages.

xi.Crystal Courtyard shall not be responsible in case of any breakdown of electricity/AC/Generators Etc. No compensation allowed in case of any breakdown of electricity/AC/Generators Etc.

xii. Crystal Courtyard will not responsible for loss of any Jewellery/Cash/Mobile Phone or valuable etc.

xiii. Please do not use needles, pins, tapes to the wall, floor, curtains for any kind of decorations and do not damage any structure and fixtures.

xiv. Marriage Registration is not part of booking. Only money receipt will be issued at Crystal Courtyard and registration has to be performed at the concerned government authorities.

xv. Customer is fully responsible for keeping Crystal Courtyard premises/usage areas to be clean.

xvi. Extra load of Electricity Provided up to 10 K.W. (additional chargeable)

xvii. Generator Backup for two hour. (additional hour chargeable)

xviii. Rights of admission reserved with the Banquet Management.

xix. All taxes levied by the Government from time to time, shall be changed extra.

xx. All events are conducted with the Guidelines of Government and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) issued by the State Government.

xxi. Additional : Sounds starting from Rs-8000/- onwards

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